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Investor Fact Sheet

Silver Fund Mortgage Investment Corporation was established in 2014 and is a non-bank lender that makes mortgage loans ranging from $50,000 and up, focused primarily on real estate in major Canadian urban centres.  The bank oligopoly in Canada provides safe opportunities for non-bank lenders like Silver Fund. Silver Fund has an uninterrupted record of monthly income distribution since its inception.  The average mortgage term Silver Fund provides is 12 months or less, which allows mortgage rates to be repriced as interest rates, economic and regulatory changes occur.

Average ROI Average LTV Total # of Default Rate Total Arrears Rate
8% +

The Silver Fund Difference


  • Silverfund and the Manager mitigate default risk by diligent monitoring of the mortgage portfolio, active communication with borrowers and aggressive enforcement procedures on problematic borrowers.
  • A mortgage investment corporation (MIC) provides downside protection relative to an equity investment.


  • The portfolio has grown conservatively and prudently over time
  • A focus of investments in major Canadian metropolitan centres
  • Silver Fund only lends in cities where it has the expertise and network to safely originate & service


  • Management is relationships provide access to high-quality real estate transactions in major urban centres 
  • Ability to execute financing structures that are customized to the unique needs of borrowers to compete with the comparatively inflexible financing structures offered by large financial institutions
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  • info@silverfundcorp.com
  • Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm EST
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