Company Profile

We are a private mortgage lender filling the lending gap caused by the restrictive lending policies of traditional financial institutions operating in Canada. We primarily lend in the Greater Toronto Area and parts of Ontario where there are sound economic fundamentals and high real estate marketability. Given all the regulatory changes the lending industry has experienced it has continually restricted many borrower’s abilities to qualify for traditional bank mortgages. 

This has provided an increasing need for mortgage loan solutions that are more flexible, faster, creative and customized to a borrower’s personal needs and financial situation. Many of our borrowers that have the ability to pay their mortgages and have strong equity in their homes, however, don’t qualify with traditional lending guidelines. Which is why our borrowers are willing to pay a premium on their mortgages, giving our fund and investors a healthy passive return on their capital.

All of our mortgages are secured primarily by residential and a small portion of commercial real estate in Ontario Canada that is underwritten against our investment policies and parameters. Silver Fund has a 4-year track record of success and has consistently delivered above market return for its investors.

Silver Fund’s investment objectives are to protect our investors capital and provide a passive income alternative investment vehicle that delivers superior returns with mortgage loans within the criteria permitted for a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC).

Silver Fund Mortgage Investment Corporation is licensed as a Mortgage Administrator, License # 12641

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  • Administrator License # 12641

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