Investment Objectives


Our investment strategy is to invest in residential mortgages from borrowers whose finance needs are not being met by traditional financial institutions, through a common-sense risk-based approach, conservative loan-to-values, geographical & borrower diversification, and rigorous & diligent mortgage servicing, we are able to achieve consistent and well above average income distributions for our investors.  A typical loan in our portfolio has an average interest rate of 7.99 – 10.99% per annum, 3-6-12 month terms, and interest-only mortgage payments.  Mortgage loan amounts are generally $50,000 and up. 

Our objectives are:

  • To preserve our Investors’ equity
  • To provide our Investors with a consistent and secure interest income from the mortgage loans within the lending parameters for the MIC
  • Working with our exclusive distribution network, risk parameters, rigorous administration of mortgages  under management we have and will continue to deliver superior returns & value to our Investors


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