We offer investors an entry point into the mortgage lending business, without the risk of investing all of your capital in one mortgage alone.

Silver Fund Mortgage Investment Corporation allows investors to participate in a large, diversified pool of mortgages which reduces the risk substantially. By investing in a pool of mortgages versus a single mortgage, you are reducing your exposure to any issues that may occur. In one geographical area, local economic shocks (i.e. company layoffs) & property types.

An investment in Silver Fund Mortgage Investment Corporation is a simple and convenient entry point into high-quality mortgage investing and its associated benefits. These are; the immediate access to cash flow, very attractive returns, and overall stability. Distributions are paid monthly or you can participate in the dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). Silver Fund Mortgage Investment Corporation is primarily a residential real estate, a mortgage lender.

Silver Fund Mortgage Investment Corporation is RRSP, TFSA eligible.

Option #1

In Silver Fund MIC
7-8% Target Net ROI Per Year
  • Diversification - Risk spread out over a portfolio
  • Secured against real estate
  • Investment is Consistently Invested
  • Silver Fund administers all mortgages
  • Min. Investment Required $100,000

Option #2

Privately Managed Mortgages Portfolio by Silver Fund MIC
  • Directly on title of Mortgage Charge
  • Secured against Real Estate
  • Silver Fund will Administer mortgages for investor
  • Requires some document involvement
  • Min. Investment Required $1,000,000

Risk Fundamentals


75% LTV Target Ratio


It would ultimately take a real estate meltdown of more than 25% for our portfolio’s position to be negative.

Shorter Terms

3-6-12 Months

Shorter Terms

Having shorter terms, allows us to be agile and adjust accordingly should concerning trends emerge in the real estate market and economy.


Approved Appraisers

Approved Appraiser

We only accept appraisal that have been completed by trusted providers that have proven to be both conservative and reasonable in the their appraisal values.


Common Sense

Common Sense

We ensure that each deal that is funded meets our risk guidelines which most importantly has a very clear exit strategy, and in most cases have several. (Refinance, Sale, investment potential, etc)

Premier law firm & auditor, partners to ensure your success.

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