Silver Fund has been successfully providing investors with consistent passive income and borrowers private mortgage financing soltuions since 2014.
Our objective is to provide investors with consistent, safe, and reliable returns while preserving their capital.
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An Investment Opportunity
We offer investors an entry point into the mortgage lending business without the risk of investing all of your capital in one mortgage alone. Silver Fund Mortgage Investment Corporation allows investors to participate in a large, diversified pool of mortgages which reduces the investor's overall risk.
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Sell Your Investment
We buy existing mortgage portfolios with 1st & 2nd private mortgages; as well as individual private mortgages.
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Silver Line Mortgage Group
Silver Line Mortgage Group is a mortgage brokerage based in Toronto, Ontario. SLMG provides institutional residential and commercial mortgages.
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1 %
7-8% Target Roi
1 %
Portfolio AVG LTV
$ 1 B
1 %

Mortgage Investments

An alternative income fund backed by real estate.

Mortgage Investments

Private mortgage investments are secured against real estate and provide a superior income return over many traditional income funds available in the market.

Private Lending

Silver Fund Mortgage Investment Corporation provides fast & flexible private mortgage solutions.

Private Lending

1st Mortgages

2nd Mortgages

Bridge Loans

Self Employed Borrowers

Construction Financing

Sell Your Investments

If you are a holder of a 1st or 2nd  private mortgages and decided not to deal with the borrowers anymore,

Sell Your Investments

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Silver Fund Mortgage Investment Corporation is a private non-bank lender that provides flexible financing solutions for real estate. We are a private mortgage lender filling the lending gap caused by the limited number of financial institutions operating in Canada.

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